Permanent Things

by Stalemate

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Jason Kaminski - Guitar/Vocals
Joe Fish - Guitar/Vocals
Phil Martin - Bass
Rob Schuster - Drums


released November 24, 2015

Produced by Stalemate
Engineered & Mixed by Doug Bittner
Recorded at Upper Room Studios in Elyria, OH
All Songs written by Jason Kaminski
"Bones/Teeth" by Kaminski/Fish
"I Have an Idea" & "Bright Lights, Salty Mouth" by Joe Fish



all rights reserved


Stalemate Cleveland, Ohio

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Track Name: Hearts Wrapped in Tin Foil
We left our hearts wrapped in tin foil
Before we hung our heads in the shed
"What have they done here?"
A coroner said

Drove down in the eye of a rain storm
The lights looked like splats on a wall
We couldn't see a thing
Just hope for the best when you stall

You don't have to pretend
Everyone is your friend
I think it'd be good
To show them you could
Make up your own fucking mind

Why do you sit there complaining?
You act like I know what to do
We bitter with age
Get hardened by truth
Track Name: Bones/Teeth
Keep moving along now
Where do you go from the bottom of the barrel?
Cut your teeth on bones you make
Steel toed boots never complain
I'll stare you down now
Watch you as you sharpen up your horns
Pick through my bones and teeth
Use what you can of me

Say exactly what you mean
Grit your teeth

We are the same machine
We are the cogs, we are the teeth
We are the tongue, we are the cheek
We are all permanent things
I won't hold anything against you
How can I?
Why should I?

We are a focus we are a false start
We are a killer, we are the green, we are the red
We are the black
Track Name: I Smell A Rat
Do you remember
Running from the pain?
Because it felt safe, but I don't really feel like that tonight
Under streetlights
Focusing our eyes
To emphasize that unfamiliar part of us we hide

At least we can say we tried
But how can they fall asleep at night?

Burning bridges
Sacrificing friends
Or enemies, whichever way I guess it all depends
On every ending
Whoever takes the fall
We're giving blame or taking it, it's really all the same
Track Name: Breadwinner
This wall has an open window
This heart has an open mind
We walk on a cracked foundation
We stand for an uphill climb

Are we gonna sit in silence?
Are we gonna wait in line?
We sleep just to keep our heads down
We work just to pass the time

Give me a reason because I don't know what I'm doing here
Is it enough to keep us going?

No gun's gonna hold us hostage
No thought's gonna rot our brain
This time we will take advantage
And we'll never be the same
Track Name: Hang Around
The secrets you will hide
That talk yourself into a lie
And cut you down to size
Until your problems multiply

I walked around the block
To shake the hazy feeling off
A glowing traffic light
Lit up the darkness in my mind

Don't want to feel like I'm alone
I need somewhere that I can go
Could I just hang around a while?

I need another way
To deal with getting through the day
A calm before the storm
Of thoughts that leave me drained and torn
Track Name: I Have an Idea
Let's build a shelter for ourselves
Away from buildings in someplace unimportant
We'll use every part of what we kill and sometimes we'll pray for rain
Let's discover fire once again

Let's forget everything once learned
Empty all accounts and burn all of our contracts and furniture and city hall
They don't listen anyway
Let display our distaste for everything

We will live here on our own
Die here on our own terms
Track Name: JFK Memorial Parkway
Can you feel the walls around you?
I feel like I'm suffocating
And I don't mean to be insecure
It's just that no one's escaping

And they kick around the same ideas
And they stay connected to the floor
Just to complain about how everyone's like them
What did you expect?

I forgot to turn a light on
Dropped a line without a sinker
And I'm over feeling so alone
But I can't seem to defeat it

Now we share familiar faces
And we're bored with growing old
But we'll sit here like we're tied in place
As if there's nowhere else to go
Track Name: Bright Lights, Salty Mouth
I'm tired of sleeping it off
Yesterday was just an hour ago
Still sleeping it off

I'm stuck on repeat
Start at the same place where I've always started
My mind is moving but my body sits still
Still counting eyelids

I've got a lot of things I want to say
But when the time comes
The words just float away

My heart is beating in odd time
Awkward and restless
I just need a few more minutes to catch up
Beware the yolk that controls this ship
Track Name: Andy Kaufman vs. Jerry Lawler
Insane? No.
But you don't understand consequence
I love the outrageousness
Your heart attracts the laugh

Then you tame us with a common threat
A catch phrase in a sense
Eyes gaze, setting fire to the mind
Worlds collide

Was it a cry for help?
Did you get them to notice?
By design?

Who's sorry for the past regrets?
Tricked too many times
Give up on the foolishness
But the show it must go on

No one's gonna come and save the day
Track Name: Black Friday
We reserve the right to be loaded
And shoveled along into the back of a truck
Any time now we'll lose our touch
But given the state of affairs
It doesn't mean all that much

Honestly did you expect them
To give a shit when they're neck deep in despair?
It's not about you all the time
Why don't you get that?
When will you get that?

Do you feel like you belong?
Do you feel like this is wrong?
Do you feel at all?

What's happened to you?
Track Name: Those Words
Was it a love coursing our veins?
Making it tough to feel any pain
But love can't decide
When to resign
You're giving up right now

You were hauling me up ten flights of stairs
And I had begun to feel so aware
Of who you became
And how we're the same
You're giving up right now
And I can't forget
Those words that were said
Is that what you meant?
Track Name: This is Water
Going out of style
To accept your life
Give me a way to get low
Give me a way to let go

Because I've been around
I lost the gleam in my eye
When I forgot what I'd known
I couldn't find my way home again

Go jump in the lake
For a change of pace
I waited away the weekend
Give me another reason to stay

No one said that you deserve it, but you decide
Yeah, you decide
And it won't be long 'til they say you're wrong
But will you listen?
You don't have to listen to them